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Frank Sinatra Artwork and Paintings

A Tribute To

Frank Sinatra

by BRUNI Sablan


Click on an image below to view that painting:





Frank Sinatra Painting by BRUNI    Sinatra,Frank,102,30x40.JPG (140656 bytes)     






Sinatra,Frank,605,22x26,when you're smiling.JPG (107555 bytes)     Sinatra,Frank,591,24x36,September Song, copy.JPG (43408 bytes)   Sinatra,Frank,133,30x48,Trench Coat.JPG (164774 bytes)  



Sinatra,Frank,103A,24x36,Blue Frank.JPG (161631 bytes)    Sinatra,Frank,144,30x30,young with hat.JPG (154134 bytes)      Sinatra, Frank 410.JPG (100312 bytes)



  Sinatra, Frank,103B,34x42,young bow tie.JPG (115545 bytes)    Sinatra,Frank,393,15x30,Spring.JPG (96221 bytes)    Sinatra,Frank,338,24x24,singing ,hat,right.JPG (74441 bytes)



Sinatra, Frank,339,24x24, restful with hat.JPG (72812 bytes)      Sinatra,Frank,395,24x24,summer.JPG (91914 bytes)  Sinatra,Frank,391,24x30,the mood.JPG (127644 bytes)  sinatra,frank,103,24x36,1991.JPG (166681 bytes)



        Frank Sinatra Painting by BRUNI  Sinatra, Frank489-24x36.JPG (119161 bytes) 



MANY MORE TO COME! Keep checking back!!

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